Forensics and Source Code Analysis: Data Recovery and Malware Analysis

Computer forensics is an area that deals with the recovery and analysis of data in computer systems and electronic devices. In this field, one of the most important tools is source code analysis, which allows you to discover the cause of a problem and detect possible threats in the system.

One of the most important applications of computer forensics is data recovery. When a computer system fails, whether due to a software error or a hardware failure, data loss can be catastrophic. In these cases, computer forensics specialists use source code analysis tools to recover lost data.

In data recovery, source code analysis is used to look for clues as to the cause of data loss. Computer forensics experts can examine the system's source code to identify software errors or hardware problems. Once the problem has been identified, steps can be taken to fix it and recover the lost data.

Source code analysis is also used in data recovery in cases of cyber attacks. When a computer system is attacked by a virus or malware, the data can be damaged or deleted. In these cases, source code analysis allows computer forensics experts to identify the type of attack and determine how the virus has spread. This allows them to take steps to stop the attack and recover lost data.

Source code analysis is also a valuable tool in the fight against malware. Computer forensics experts can analyze the source code of malware to find out how it spreads, what exactly it does, and how it can be stopped.

In addition to these capabilities, we also offer system-specific data decryption services, including:

  • iOS password recovery (via iTunes backup)
  • Android password recovery (via backup)
  • Déchiffrement Bitlocker
  • Filevault / APFS / T2 decryption
  • Truecrypt decryption
  • LUKS Decryption
  • VeraCrypt Decryption
  • Symantec Decryption/PGP WDE
  • MacAfee Endpoint Decryption
  • Drivecrypt decryption
  • Dell Data Protection Decryption

Our computer forensics specialists are trained to decrypt data on these systems and help you access the necessary information.

In addition, we offer social engineering campaign services. Social engineering is a technique used to manipulate and trick people into obtaining confidential information or accessing protected systems. Our social engineering experts conduct controlled and ethical campaigns to assess your organization's security, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide you with recommendations to improve awareness and protection against these types of attacks.