Security training

Do you know the safety regulations ISO/IEC 27001, 27002 y COBIT?
Do you know the application of the LOPD in computer systems and data storage?

Appropriate training should serve to provide workers or managers with tools to correct the ignorance of the consequences of the above points, as well as to avoid human errors in the treatment of information or turning failures into serious security problems.

Security audits

We carry out security audits in your company, carrying out stress tests and looking for vulnerabilities, to find solutions and their correction. We make detailed reports depending on the client's needs.
Our audits are based on the use of complex penetration testing tools, specializing in internal and perimeter security, forensic analysis and intrusion tests.



We specialize in data recovery and source code analysis. If you've been hit by a malware attack that has disabled your systems or files, virus code analysis is likely to provide more solutions than you expect.

Social engineering

Put your employees to the test with small tests to find out if they meet your security expectations. Being a deliberate and controlled act, it will help you to see the scope of human errors as a vulnerability to take into account in your company.


Penetration tests tailored to your needs: check the security of your systems and applications, your network, security measures or even test your workers.


Protection against attacks

If you receive or have received computer attacks, put a solution to it! Our technicians will take care of shielding your network or minimizing exposed security holes. Prevention is paramount and computer systems are not perfect. Improve your situation.



Protect yourself from internal and external threats

Deusto Enterprise Services offers a managed security service that helps your company make the best use of security investments.

Experienced workers in the field of computer security will monitor the alarms and logs of their own or client systems to detect the communication channels used by malware and computer threats. They will check for updates to be aware of vulnerabilities affecting computer systems and will take care, to the extent possible, to protect them from all vulnerabilities and Zero Day Attacks .

Benefits for your company

Monitoring 24/7/365 or according to client's requirements
Access to early safety advisories and certified professionals
Drastically Improved Security Posture
Reduced costs compared to internal management and contracting
Critical infrastructure experts and security experts at your disposal
Punctual security audits
Security training